We invest for the long term.
Fundamental analysis

Being an owner means knowing what you own. Our specialist investment teams are dedicated to understanding every facet of each portfolio company's business through an in-depth, hands-on research process. This means face-to-face meetings with management and visits to the stores, factories, and offices where their business is done. 

ESG integration

In a multi-stakeholder-driven society, traditional financial criteria no longer provide a full picture of business opportunities and risks. Long-term success can only be secured through proactive management of qualitative stakeholder, governance and environmental factors. To achieve investment success in this rapidly evolving landscape, we integrate advanced qualitative analytics into our fundamental, 10-year investment framework.

Active engagement

We actively engage with all portfolio companies on a continuous basis. Working together with management, we encourage our companies to invest in the future to achieve the sustainable growth and business durability that is at the foundation of long-term success.